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The Emperor's new clothes

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Nagy Enikö, after Hans Christian Andersen and Evghenii Svart

Directed by

Beres Laszlo

Stage design

Dobre Kothay Judith


Beres Laszlo


Dumitru Anghel, Cristian Irimia, Daniel Tudorică, Lucian Ifrim, Cerasela Popescu, Ilinca Atanasiu, Ioana Ginghină, Gabriel Coveşeanu, Eduard Petru Jighirgiu, Voicu Hetel

The performance, inspired by Andersen’s story, is about a King who falls in the trap built out of the ignorance and lies of those around him, because of his smugness. 

The King receives an important lesson about life, from his most humble servants – the weaver and the tailoress.
In this version, the two are genuine artists, as opposed to the frauds from Andersen’s story, but, as the latter, these two will also leave the King… naked.

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