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The European Research Project "Training on stage, a new working experience model with competencies evaluation in performing arts" took place between 2004 and 2007.

Ion Creangă Theatre was partner in this project, implemented within the Leonardo II Programme, together with Fondazione Aida, Italy; EUnetART-Holland, Carrousel-Theater an der Parkue,Germany, Agecif Training Centre, France; Agis Delegazione Interregionale delle tre Venezie, National Theatre, England. The project aimed to develop a professional framework designed for young people that have just started working in the field of performing arts.

The main accomplishments of the project were: the elaboration of a manual that contains study material useful for people who aspire to work in the field of performing arts, but which is also helpful for established professionals and also, the implementation of a software, that allows the self-evaluation of knowledge and competences, in the performing arts field.> 

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