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This is the third project that the Small size Network has been awarded by the European Union. The Ion Creangă Theatre became part of the Network in 2006, as a partner in the three year project Small Size, the net. 

The current project Small size, big citizens - Widening of the European Network for the diffusion of the performing arts for Early Years", 5 year project supported through Culture Programme, involves now 12 partners from 12
different countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Hungary.


Small size, big citizens aims to give its own contribution to the idea that young children are "big" citizens and, as such, subjects of rights. In particular, it claims that young children have a sustainable right to enjoy the Arts, to be part of the artistic processes that nourish their emotional intelligence and help them develop their sensibilities and competences in a harmonious way.

The project activities are divided into three areas.
production activities play a major role: during the project, the partners will realise several productions, co-productions and artistic performances for children aged 0-6, and will furthermore support productions by other European companies (thanks to the Small size seeding fund).
training activities - workshops, research groups, internships - will be addressed to artists, teachers and children. They are essential because we have a particular aim to improve the professionals specific skills and to convey the idea that children have the right to enjoy art.
promotional activities are vital for a growing Network as they establish relationships, create opportunities of exchange as well as a shared memory. They include publications, multimedia, research and exchange among partners, but also events such as the Festivals and the Showcases.

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