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Project initiated by the Chance for Life Foundation, in partnership with Ion Creangă Theatre and with the following foundations: Parada, Estuar, Prietenii Copiilor. 

“Learning Tolerance/ Spect-actors for non-discrimination” made use of the specific means of Forum Theatre as instruments to make the people in Bucharest aware of the aggressive forms of discrimination to which the persons that face a high risk of social exclusion are exposed.

Within this project, Forum Theatre performances were produced and presented in schools and high-schools in Bucharest and also on the stage of the Ion Creangă Theatre.
Starting with October 2006, the project was implemented on a national level, and it aimed to create an organizational network, including 14 towns in Romania, that would use the methods of the “theatre of the oppressed”, to benefit the communities in which they activate. Performances were presented in 10 schools of each town, with over 3000 pupils attending.

Ion Creangă Theatre was represented within this project by actress Marcela Andrei.

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