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24 december 1964

Father Frost, nickname under which Santa Claus entered the Romanian houses of the time, brought the people in Bucharest a priceless gift: Harap Alb, directed by Ion Lucian, the first performance of the recently founded theatre for children and youth (first situated in the Lahovari square) – Ion Creangă Theatre.
The official order to establish Ion Creangă Theatre is released on 4 May 1965; Ion Creangă Theatre becomes an affiliate member of ASSITEJ – International Association of Theatre for Children and Youth, established the same year, Romania being one of the founding members.


Cocoselul neascultator (The Naughty Little Rooster) is staged under the direction of Ion Lucian, becoming one of the most succesful perfomances and achieving national an international acknowledgement, for many years.


Primul turneu în străinătate: "Năzdrăvăniile lui Păcală" de Letiţia Popa, regia Barbu Dumitrescu, scenografia Elena Simirad Munteanu.


Two successful performances have their premieres, not only in the country but also internationally: Snoave cu măşti (Anecdotes and Masks), by Ion Lucian and Virgil Puicea, under the direction of Ion Cojar, and Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, directed by Barbu Dumitrescu. Snoave cu măşti (Anecdotes and Masks) will be performed, the following year, in Italy, Canada, the United States of America and Cuba. Ion Arcudeanu, Alexandrina Halic, Daniela Anencov, Mişu Andriescu, Genoveva Preda, Anca Zamfirescu, Jeanin Stavarache, Aura Andriţoiu, Ion Lucian, Gheorghe Gâmă - these are names of the actors casted in these performances, actors that will hereafter build a great career in the theatre for children.


Alecu Popovici, well-known to the little spectators and readers for his creative writings for children, is appointed to manage the theatre.


Well-known for directing televison plays and theatre performances for “grown ups” , director Cornel Todea makes his debut on the stage from Amzei Square, the new location of Ion Creangă Theatre, with Hocus pocus şi-o găleată (Two pails of water) by A.E. Greidanus, set designer Ion Dogar Marinescu, music by Johnny Răducanu, cast: Genoveva Preda, Anca Zamfirescu, Dumitru Anghel, Gabriel Iencek, Boris Petroff, Gelu Colceag.


The premiere of Snow White, adaptation by Ioan Roman, artistic direction by Ileana Cârstea, with Florina Luican in the leading part, played for 11 years, with over 600 performances. Cast: Monica Roman, Sibylla Oarcea, Ion Arcudeanu, Horea Benea, Gheorghe Vrânceanu, Genoveva Preda, Gheorghe Tomescu, Mircea Muşatescu, Vasile Menzel, Mişu Andriescu, Marius Rolea.


The year of the “great openings”: Pinocchio is staged under the visionary direction of Cornel Todea; this performance will achieve a huge success on tour in Italy and will have a long life – over 500 performances, with Alexandrina Halic in the leading part.

Ion Creangă Theatre stages, also, this year, the first performance by Eugen Ionescu - Imaginile sunt imagini (Images are Images), directed by Ion Lucian, and the first rock show - Cadere Libera (Free Fall) by Colin Mortimer, directed by Cornel Todea, set designer Dan Jitianu.


The year of the "best records": Snoave cu măşti (Anecdotes and Masks) reaches 80 performances in Japan, during 110 days; a second tour in Japan is done the same year, with 54 performances of Cinderella.


20 years after the premiere of Regele cerb (The Stag King), Carlo Gozzi is staged again at Ion Creangă Theatre with Turandot, having Marioara Sterian in the leading part, directed by Gelu Colceag, set designers Nicolae Ularu and Mihaela Ularu.


The new manager of Ion Creangă Theatre, Grigore Gonţa, former actor and director of the National Theatre in Bucharest, stages a text by Eugen Ionescu, Ce nemaipomenită harababură (Oh, what a bloody circus), with Marin Moraru in the leading part.


Director Cornel Todea takes up, once more, the management of Ion Creangă Theatre.
Ţiganiada (The legend of the gypsies), a performance directed by Mircea Cornişteanu, takes part in the Balcanic Theatre Festival in Skopje.


The first performance at Ion Creangă Theatre staged by a team of British creators: Matilda by Roald Dahl, adaptation by Alexandru Pleşcan, directed by Thomas de Mallet Burgess, set designer Spyros Coscinas. Cast: Claudia Revnic, Cristian Irimia, Florina Luican, Gheorghe Petcu, Cornelia Pavlovici, Anca Zamfirescu.

Ivan Turbincă, a stage adaptation of Ion Creangă's story, by Alecu Popovici, directed by Cornel Todea, takes part in the International Theatre Festival for Children, in Greece.


The premiere of Furtuna (The Tempest) - the second famous Shakespeare play staged at Ion Creangă Theatre, directed by Cornel Todea, set designer Anca Pâslaru. In the leading parts: Florin Busuioc, Cristian Irimia, Mirela Busuioc, Tania Popa, Ştefan Mareş, Ionuţ Ciocia, Lucian Ifrim. 
In December, Furtuna (The Tempest) takes part in the International Theatre Festival for Children in Taipei, Taiwan.


A third play by Eugen Ionescu is staged at Ion Creanga TheatreImprovizaţie la Alma (Improvisation or The Shepherds’ Chameleon), under the direction of Cornel Todea, having its premiere, in French, at the French Institute in Vienna. Cast: Eugen Apostol / Cristian Irimia (for the part Ionesco), Mihai Verbiţchi, Florin Busuioc, Lucian Ifrim, Anca Zamfirescu, Cornel Todea. It was performed on important stages in France, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Egypt, Denmark, Syria and Cyprus.

The premiere of Dragonul (The Dragon) by Evgheni Svart, directed by Gelu Colceag, choreographer Roxana Colceag, set designer Luana Drăgoiescu.


Ion Creanga Theatre becomes member of EU NET ART, an European network, which gathers 100 members (theatres, professional associations and performing arts organizations for children), and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

As a recognition of its excellency in the field of performing arts for children, Ion Creanga Theatre was nominated at the INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX TO THE BEST SERVICE AND QUALITY 1996, by Actualidad the Magazin of Commerce and Industry, Madrid, Spain and at the INTERNATIONAL GOLD AND SILVER AWARD TO QUALITY by The Mexican tourism company AIMC (Agrupacion International de Mercadotecnia y Calidad).


The adventures of Meg the Witch by David Wood takes part in the Theatre Festival for Children in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Snow White by the Grimm Brothers, a performance in French, under the direction of Cornel Todea, completes a tour in several cities in France. 
In the theatre's history, during tours abroad, the actors performed in Italian, Japanese, French, Greek, English and Chinese.


The premiere of Farsa jupânului Pathelin (The Farce of Master Pathelin), directed by Cornel Todea, a performance played in French and English, had its French version presented on stages in Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Denmark, Belgium, Syria and Cyprus.

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